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Hugh Bowen

Bowen Research, your games, web and mobile experts Since 1992, Hugh Bowen has operated Bowen Research, a firm that studies consumer attitudes and behavior regarding high tech products, consumer electronics, software and web sites.

From 1982 to 1992, he was a marketing manager in the videogame and computer industries. He developed and marketed over 125 games for Activision, Epyx, and Sega. He was a key executive at Sega when it was the fastest growing U.S. consumer company ever, meteorically rising from near zero to 55 percent U.S. market Share. He is a frequent speaker at industry trade shows, including E3 and the Software Publisher's Association. He has also been published in the trade journal Games Business. He's a Harvard English major with an MBA from UCLA, 1981.

Quantitative team, Macro Consulting — our partners for MTX pricing work are also expert in quantitative segmentation, branding, volume projection, etc.

European game research: Based on London, our European research game specialist firm has a broad research background in general; and in particular has done extensive work for Microsoft, Electronic Arts, etc., 50+ game projects on major titles in the last five years. Full capability for focus groups on games throughout Europe, can be conducted as joint US/European project.

China and Asia: usability and focus groups available in Asia — Japan, Korea, China, etc.