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Bowen Research has worked with some of the leading brands in the game, web and mobile industries:

America Online
Atari Corp.
Imagine Publishing
International Data Group
Lucas Arts
Microsoft Ultimate TV
Radical Entertainment
Sammy Studios
Sega of America
Turner Broadcasting
Twentieth Century Fox
Universal Interactive
Warner Bros.
Worlds Away (Fujitsu)

"TimePlay Entertainment, Inc. is developing a new interactive entertainment platform inside movie theaters. Leveraging the immersive environment found in your neighborhood cinema, TimePlay is delivering a wide range of interactive entertainment from video games for adults and kids to game shows for mainstream and niche audiences.

The products in development for this revolutionary platform are unlike any games in the market today as they are designed for hundreds of players all using a common interface, the big screen. We needed a researcher who was not only totally familiar with the latest interactive entrainment, but one that could fully grasp a new game genre and manage a huge crowd in a movie theater. Hugh was a great choice."

Todd M. Nisbet
Product Development, TimePlay Entertainment, Inc.

"Hugh Bowen did online market research for an original game concept of ours. The results provided very thorough feedback on the characters, music, gameplay, etc. Most importantly, the report he gave us was very high quality and we were able to use the information and recommendations to make product decisions at an early stage in the development process. We will absolutely use Hugh's services again."
Danielle Michael
Director of Business Development, Radical Entertainment (developers of Road Rage, and other games)

Bowen Research and leading film companies:
Partnering with three of the top Los Angeles film and entertainment companies, Bowen Research has worked extensively on adapting leading movies to videogames. Key issues studied: how characters and plotlines are used and adapted, how the game must remain true to the original movie, and determining the right consumer targets. Bowen Research also uses national online studies to establish which movie properties have the best potential as games.

National News Coverage
Videogames: The Impact of Emotion

See highlights of our micro transaction study, delivered as a panel at the Login conference click here

Research: Micro Transactions for online games
  - consumer likes, dislikes
  - reasons gamers never buy a micro transaction
  - most favorite items, promotions, etc.

Purchase the survey.
The Bowen Research full "Micro Transaction" Study, with demographic cross tabs and all typed in text comments from consumers, is now available for $1999
Call Hugh Bowen at (650) 712-1506 or click here to order
Young Male Consumers
doc Read the Bowen Research Study: Young Male Attitudes on Email Marketing
See a Bowen Research sample web survey
See highlights of the cell phone interface study, based on individual consumer interviews click here

Research: Those Over 30 Can't Figure Cell Phones Out
To see blog article click here

Purchase the survey.
Bowen Research "Cell Phone Interface" Study is now available for $999
Call Hugh Bowen at (650) 712-1506 or click here to order
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