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In the simplest sense, Bowen Research provides answers to the hardest questions businesses must ask:
  • Does our product appeal to the right audience?
  • Does it need to be refined or changed?
  • Does it have the right features?
  • Does it have the right packaging?
  • Will the marketing communication work?
  • How does our product stack up against the competition?
  • Is it priced correctly? Can it be priced higher?
  • What factors are not immediately obvious?

All of these must be asked, and answered, in the context of your intended audience. We specialize in getting useful answers, and actionable information, for high tech consumer firms.

What we test
Bowen Research tests the following:
  • Product concepts
  • Current and competitive products
  • Product usability
  • Packaging
  • Messaging
  • Design
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Print and TV advertising

In short, we work with you to determine the most important information you need for any stage of product development or lifecycle. Then we customize a program to cost-effectively determine the answers to your questions.

How we test
Our games database
Bowen Research has for many years developed and refined a proprietary list of qualified research participants for the game industry, now over 40,000 strong.

Bowen Research also has excellent sources of lists for conducting online research in Europe and other parts of the world.

Since 1992, Hugh Bowen has developed special expertise in online research techniques, as well as the moderation of focus groups and one on one usability sessions.

Traditional focus groups (face to face), Usability sessions
We moderate small groups who have been selected to match your project’s requirements. Hugh Bowen has personally moderated hundreds of focus groups and usability sessions.

Chat groups
Real-time interaction on the Internet can reach more consumers, from more locations at a lower cost than traditional face-to-face groups. This cost-efficient geographic diversity is especially important in cases where regional differences come into play.

Chat groups provide an unprecedented level of flexibility for clients and participants, and give us the ability to use on-line product and design presentations.

Web surveys
These provide yet another flexible, low-cost tool with the added benefit of automatic tabulation. Web surveys can be ideal for many product and service categories, especially new product concepts. See a sample web survey.

Combining web surveys and chat
This can be a very strong combination. A brief survey lets you first collect all numerical responses and gives participants a chance to view all images (this also eliminates waiting during the chat for image downloads). Survey results help guide the chat discussion topics.

Latest conjoint pricing analysis available, new "menuing" version which lets you test a "menu" of many item prices - ideal for online microtransaction pricing optimization.

Hugh Bowen
650 712-1506

National News Coverage
Videogames: The Impact of Emotion

See highlights of our micro transaction study, delivered as a panel at the Login conference click here

Research: Micro Transactions for online games
  - consumer likes, dislikes
  - reasons gamers never buy a micro transaction
  - most favorite items, promotions, etc.

Purchase the survey.
The Bowen Research full "Micro Transaction" Study, with demographic cross tabs and all typed in text comments from consumers, is now available for $1999
Call Hugh Bowen at (650) 712-1506 or click here to order
Young Male Consumers
See a Bowen Research sample web survey
doc Read the Bowen Research Study: Young Male Attitudes on Email Marketing
See highlights of the cell phone interface study, based on individual consumer interviews click here

Research: Those Over 30 Can't Figure Cell Phones Out
To see blog article click here

Purchase the survey.
Bowen Research "Cell Phone Interface" Study is now available for $999
Call Hugh Bowen at (650) 712-1506 or click here to order
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