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Bowen Research conducts studies on important marketing issues related to games, web and mobile. For more information on any of the studies shown here, or to inquire about conducting a study, please contact us.

Cell Phone Interfaces: study
An indepth study based on 75 individual interviews. What do consumers feel about the interface for their cell phone – the menus, buttons, and process of learning? Intense frustration and numerous issues were uncovered, see our home page for highlights of the study, available for purchase for $5,000.

Emotion in Videogames: Article and Survey
Can videogames make you cry?
Bowen Research recently conducted a national online survey on the impact of emotion in videogames. How important is emotion to videogame commercial and artistic success? This is an important topic for anyone who develops or markets electronic entertainment.

A Bowen Research Study Videogames: The Impact of Emotion.

Read the article: Here's an extended version of Hugh Bowen's article that appeared in Game Informer Magazine. The version posted here includes some of the results of the full national survey.

Get the survey: The complete survey, Videogames: The Impact of Emotion, is available for $999. The survey features demographic cross tabs showing differences for males vs. females, casual vs. medium vs. heavy gamers, etc., and 100+ pages of direct text comments from gamers. To purchase, email, or call (650) 712-1506.

Insight into email marketing
Teen boys, young men respond positively to email campaigns
Email marketing can effectively help companies connect with young males, but the communication must be relevant to their needs, according to a study by Bowen Research.

Hugh Bowen said his firm conducted the study to determine what impact email promotion was having on gamers. Marketers fear that spam and other concerns have made email marketing, while inexpensive, less effective than it once was.

"The main thing we found is the young men value the opportunity to provide feedback on products under development, which is second only to discount offers," Bowen said. "This is exactly what 1-to-1 marketing proponents have been saying, and this is certainly vindication of that idea."

Next Generation Training:
How Research Helps Develop and Refine Military Training Techniques

From Military Training Technology magazine (Volume 9, Issue 6, 2004) by Hugh Bowen

As the military begins developing "modestly massive" training programs—for maybe 100 players—and then moves on to those with truly massive capabilities, the parameters … read the full article

If your company serves the games, web or mobileconsumer industries, contact the research team that specializes in those areas. Bowen Research works with major international brands and start-ups alike to deliver information and analysis for product development, packaging and marketing communications.

Bowen Research
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National News Coverage
Videogames: The Impact of Emotion

See highlights of our micro transaction study, delivered as a panel at the Login conference – click here

Research: Micro Transactions for online games
  - consumer likes, dislikes
  - reasons gamers never buy a micro transaction
  - most favorite items, promotions, etc.

Purchase the survey.
The Bowen Research full "Micro Transaction" Study, with demographic cross tabs and all typed in text comments from consumers, is now available for $1999
Call Hugh Bowen at (650) 712-1506 or click here to order
Young Male Consumers
See a Bowen Research sample web survey
doc Read Hugh's Article in Military Training Technology
See highlights of the cell phone interface study, based on individual consumer interviews – click here

Research: Those Over 30 Can't Figure Cell Phones Out
To see blog article click here

Purchase the survey.
Bowen Research "Cell Phone Interface" Study is now available for $999
Call Hugh Bowen at (650) 712-1506 or click here to order
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